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Fulfillment Services

Printegrity, LLC in Lindon, UT provide fulfillment services to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers. The entire project can be streamlined by taking care of everything under one roof.
You may have numerous items that need to be kitted and grouped with materials we have printed for you, and/or with products that your vendors may ship directly to us. For projects that include hundreds of pieces divided, into multiple versions, going to various locations, things can get complicated—and we can help you avoid this. Printegrity, LLC is organized around a unique business model that makes it possible for us to handle this complexity thoroughly. Printegrity, LLC will go as far as to store the kits we produce for you until an order for the item comes in and we will maintain published inventory counts of your products. This way, we can pull your items for packaging and shipping when you need them. We’ll even ship them for you with our pick and pack services.
Our Fulfillment Services Include:


We can organize multiple printing products into numerous customized versions.

Pick and Pack

Packaging and shipping to hundreds of locations around the country and internationally, using UPS, Fed Ex, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Inventory Management

We can help you manage your inventory needs by devising minimum usage levels for ordering further products, which will dramatically reduce inventory costs.

For more information about or to book our fulfillment, printing or digital printing services, please contact us at 801-785-8461 today!