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Editing Services

Our editing partners are experienced professionals with a broad background in both fiction and non-fiction and with experience that reaches across diverse industries and disciplines including:

• History
• Religion
• Education
• IT / Consumer Electronics

• Finance
• Psychology
• Disaster Recovery
• Fashion / Lifestyle

• Health
• Business
• Self-Help
• Philosophy / Metaphysics

Get a Free Sample Edit

Still not sure what kind of editing your manuscript might need? Want to find out exactly how we can help you? Printegrity’s editorial affiliates offer a free sample edit of up to 1,000 words. Simply send us a request using the Submission Form or email/call:

Developmental /Structural Edit

This level of editing is the most involved of all editing services. It includes assessing the quality of your writing, how well it is structured, issues with flow, transitions, organization, tone, and voice. Depending on how well developed your manuscript is, your editor may suggest ways to flesh out parts of the book that need more content, where more research and analysis may need to be done, and restructure sections and paragraphs for better flow and overall organization. For fiction titles, an editor will be checking for inconsistencies in plot, characterization, pace, and dialogue.

Line Edit

When your manuscript has been completely developed and is properly organized, you’re ready for the next level of editing services. A line edit addresses the writing style and language use at the paragraph and sentence level. In this round of editing, we will not be combing your manuscript for errors as much as focusing on the way you have used language and tone throughout the book.

Copy Edit

A copy edit is usually the last round of editing your manuscript will receive before it goes to layout for printing. Your editor will correct punctuation, spelling, and consistency based on style guides (which abbreviations are used, how numerals are expressed, hyphenations, etc.).

Post Production Proofread (or Galley Proof Edit)

After your book has been designed and laid out for printing, a proof of the book will be printed and an editor will check the proof for any errors in formatting, text layout, and any remaining grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. This edit ensures that the print file is clean and the book’s layout is polished and professional before it is approved for printing.

Combination of Any or All Levels of Editing

Need all four levels of editing (Developmental + Line + Copy + Proof) or maybe just a simple line or copy edit? We offer these editing services as packages or you can order ala carte.

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