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Digital Printing Services

Printegrity, LLC in Lindon, UT has been a leader in digital printing since the opening of its doors in 2007. It was established by Hans Panser and Dan Rekow, who brought their extensive digital printing experience together to provide the highest quality printing services possible. As digital printing continues to grow in popularity as well as quality, so do our services and technology.

Digital Printing VS. Offset Printing

If you are unfamiliar with some of the advantages of digital printing versus offset printing for certain projects, we’re happy to explain!

Easy Set-Up

Printegrity, LLC has top of the line digital printers that can print directly from a computer file onto paper. This eliminates the time-consuming and costly setup that is required of large-scale offset printing. All we need is a clean digital file, most often a PDF, and we can get the job done.

Variable Data and Images

With digital printing, you can update what you are printing, or have already printed, very easily without incurring major editorial and setup costs. Digital printing does not require a plate, and thusly provides more ease of use. For example, if you need to change one page of an instruction manual, employee handbook, or to personalize a children’s book, digital printing makes that seamlessly possible.

Quick Turnaround

Not only is it seamless, it’s fast: we can turn some digital jobs around in one or two days. If you have a deadline, let us know, and we will work to accommodate.


Though the cost of digital printing is more expensive for large quantities, it is definitely more cost-effective for smaller orders. The cost per piece can be slightly more expensive when utilizing digital printing, but the shorter runs allow you to print fewer pieces, which saves you cash. Equally, you can be more specific with your printing needs instead of ending up with a warehouse full of irrelevant printed material you cannot use.

What We Can Print For You:



Business Cards


and more!

Contact us at 801-785-8461  with any questions about our offset and digital printing services. We’re happy to discuss the best options with you!