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We Are Printegrity, LLC

Digital Printing In Lindon, UT Since 2007

The doors of Pintegrity LLC in Lindon, UT were opened in 2007 with our unique business model aimed to give digital print customers a more quality print experience. We provide exceptional customer care, quality and well-maintained equipment combined with our extensive management experience. While this may not sound unique, the way we deliver on every project is what sets us apart.

Our Philosophy

Beginnings Based on Integrity

We are aware that the digital printing industry has garnered a reputation for providing quick turn around, though not necessarily the most accurate quality of work. This is part of the mission behind our philosophy and business model: quality does not need to suffer to provide expedient service. Recognizing the rise of self-publishing and a lack of expertly reliable printing services, Hans Panser and Dan Rekow formed Printegrity, LLC. The cornerstone of their business model and philosophy are three major components, all of which they stand firmly behind while producing immaculate print work for you.

Exceptional Customer Care

Printegrity is passionate about every detail, and intent on going the extra mile for every customer. We have built our reputation on quick turnarounds, and finished product that are exactly as requested. We remove unnecessarily complicated steps that slow down the overall outcome by directly interfacing with each customer. We are working for you, and treat every project as such.

Quality Equipment

Stop overpaying digital printers who have padded the price because they use overly temperamental equipment that requires constant fine-tuning and repair. Printegrity, LLC uses quality Xerox equipment that is serviced and maintained by professionals with thousands of hours of industry experience, collectively. As a result, we are able to provide “print-on-demand” digital printing by dedicating newer, well-serviced equipment to our digital print customers. You will really see the difference.

Extensive Management Experience

Together, the owners of Printegrity have over 50 years of experience in the digital printing industry with a broad knowledge base of equipment acquisition, management, and maintenance. The know-how and commitment they have entrenched into Printegrity, LLC will change the way you think about what your printer should do for you.

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