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Our know-how and commitment will change how you think about what your printer should do for you.

Printegrity LLC opened its doors with a unique business model aimed at giving you a surprisingly pleasant and satisfying print experience. Our philosophy is simple: 1) be fast, 2) be easy to work with, and 3) be willing to go the extra mile.

1) We’re fast – expect turnaround 2 to 3 times quicker than the other guys.
You know the drill…call your printer, wait to get a quote, turn in files, wait to hear back from a service rep, then wait two to three weeks for your finished product, sometimes longer…

Not with Printegrity. Call us or upload your files online. Expect a call back right away from an experienced professional giving you a quote and a date for completion. Get your printed materials in one-third to one-fourth the time it takes your current printer.

2) We’re easy to work with.
Get personal one-on-one attention directly from the people with experience instead of getting passed to a “customer service rep” who may or may not know all the ins and outs of quality print production. We have built our reputation on directly interfacing with customers, thereby simplifying a process other printers have unnecessarily complicated.

3) We’re willing to go the extra mile.
We are well known throughout the industry for our exceptional work ethic and intense commitment to our customers. You can have confidence in the level of customer care and product quality we can provide you.

Demand more from your “print-on-demand” experience…

•You want smart, good-looking color pieces in quantities that let you be flexible in the design and creation of your materials…you want to print “on demand.”

• You want to take advantage of the self-publishing industry, writing and publishing materials on a wide variety of subjects and have them printed in quantities you can afford.

• You want to ditch the bad experience you may have had with other printers who have attempted to provide digital printing without dedicating enough equipment or time to digital jobs.You can expect more from Printegrity because unlike other printers, we dedicate reliable, fully-serviced equipment to all our jobs — equipment that has been tested and proven over thousands of print-run hours. Plus our reputation for being passionate about details helps us provide personalized digital service that other printers just aren’t dedicated enough to offer.

Why choose digital over offset printing?

Digital printing offers several advantages, in certain circumstances, that offset printing cannot :

•Easy Set-up: Printegrity is a full digital printer that prints data and images directly from a computer file onto paper, eliminating time-consuming, costly setup; a digital file, usually a PDF, is all that’s needed.

•Variable Data and Images: Unlike traditional offset printing, because a printing plate is not required, data can be swapped “on the fly.” If you choose to change the text and photo on one page of your manual, for example, that page can be changed without having to set up a brand new file.

•Cost: The cost of digital printing is more expensive for large quantities but definitely more cost effective for smaller runs; shorter runs allow you to print less pieces, saving you cash.

Our History

Beginnings Based on Integrity

Printegrity LLC, based in Lindon, Utah, opened its doors in December of 2007 with a unique business model aimed at giving customers an exceptional print experience. With a 30-year background in printing, owner Dan Rekow wanted to bring integrity back to the printing business and has done so with the way the company treats its clients. Dan is passionate about making the print experience trouble-free:

“We believe that the print experience should be fairly simple, providing a direct interface between the people doing the work and the customer. We have tried to eliminate all upline, middle-management nonsense that we find bogs down the customer experience at other printing companies. Good, quality printing doesn’t need to be complicated.”

Dan Rekow, Owner

Dan is a seasoned business owner with over 30 years experience in the printing industry. He has a broad background in employee and project management and in overseeing entire business operations for offset printing presses and digital print houses. Dan has extensive knowledge in equipment assessment, acquisition, and maintenance and is well known in the industry for his exceptional work ethic and intense commitment to customer care.

Integrity in Print is our name.

Printegrity, LLC
400 N. Geneva Rd.
Suite C
Lindon, UT 84042

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