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Preparing your files for print
Preparing your files for print
  1. Color printing: Make sure all image files are converted from RGB to CMYK or BW (if your printing only black and white).
  2. If there are black solids in your color project design then use a support black (c=30, m=0, y=0, k=100) instead of 100% black (c=0, m=0, y=0, k=100)
  3. For small body copy (12pt or smaller) in your color design project, it’s recommended you use only 1 color (either black/gray or a spot color). This will ensure the text prints clearly and reduces registration problems.
  4. All images must be high resolution (300dpi at 100%)
  5. If there are bleeds, make sure you add 1/8” bleed from original file dimension.
  6. Provide a High resolution .pdf which includes crop marks, bleeds, and dieline (if it die cuts) of each project. This helps us provide you with a correct proof.
  7. Gather all files, compress them (.zip or stuffit), and upload them through the site.

Demand more than just quick turnaround from your “print on-demand” experience…
  • You want smart, good-looking color pieces in quantities that let you be flexible in the design and creation of your materials…you want to print “on demand.”
  • You want to take advantage of the self-publishing industry, writing and publishing materials on a wide variety of subjects and have them printed in quantities you can afford.
  • You want to ditch the bad experience you may have had with other printers who have attempted to provide digital printing without dedicating enough equipment or time to digital jobs.
  • You want to stop over-paying digital printers who have padded the price because they use overly temperamental equipment that requires constant fine-tuning and repair.

Printegrity can meet your digital demands. You can expect more from Printegrity because unlike other printers, we dedicate reliable, fully-serviced equipment to all our digital jobs — equipment that has been tested and proven over thousands of hours of print runs. All of our digital presses are maintained by Xerox to give the best possible performance. Plus our reputation for being passionate about details helps us provide personalized digital service that other printers just aren’t dedicated enough to the digital experience to offer. 

Why choose digital over offset printing?
Digital printing offers several advantages, in certain circumstances, that offset printing cannot :

  • Easy Set-up: Printegrity is a full digital printer that prints data and images directly from a computer file onto paper, eliminating time-consuming, costly setup; a digital file, usually a PDF, is all that’s needed.
  • Variable Data and Images: Unlike traditional offset printing, because a printing plate is not required, every print can be different from the last; this means that if you choose to change the text and photo on one page of your manual, that page can be changed without needing to scrap the whole job and set up a brand new file; data can be swapped “on-the-fly” so to speak. Digital printing is used, for example, to personalize children’s books, allowing customization with the specific name and image of the child.
  • Quick Turnaround: Unlike offset print jobs, a digital job doesn’t take one to two weeks to complete — some jobs can be turned around in a day.
  • Cost: The cost of digital printing is more expensive for large quantities, but definitely more cost effective for smaller runs; while the cost per piece is slightly more expensive with digital printing, shorter runs allow you to print less pieces, saving you cash and a warehouse full of printed material you never use. 
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