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Other Services - Mailing

Standard Mail® offers a lower price on postage for the work you perform. For Standard Mail, you must do some of the work the Postal Service would otherwise do. The work you do in terms of preparing, sorting, and entering your mail can lower your postage costs. You must pay an annual mailing fee at each facility where you enter mail. The mailpiece must weigh less than 16 ounces.

Standard Mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds per mailing. It can not be used for sending personal correspondence, handwritten or typewritten letters, or bills and statements of account. Prices are based on weight, shape, preparation, and entry. Automation prices are lower than non-automation prices.

Mailers use Standard Mail to send:
• Printed matter, flyers, circulars and advertising.
• Newsletters, bulletins and catalogs.
• Small packages.

Enhanced Carrier Route Standard Mail – For highly concentrated mailings sorted to carrier route delivery sequence.

Nonprofit Standard Mail – Authorized nonprofit organizations can qualify for reduced prices.

Business Mail 101 – A "How To" primer for discount mail. Learn how to make an informed decision.

We also ship UPS

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