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Help - Tips & Tricks

This is a compilation of things you can do during the design and pre-press process that will make your printing job cheaper and allow you to have a higher level of quality in the finished piece.

Optimal printing size
We only need you to set up a file once and we will step and repeat to use the most optimal and economic sheet size.

When possible, ask to have your folded piece scored prior to folding. This will reduce the amount of cracking that often occurs when a piece is folded cross grain or over a heavily saturated printed area (solids etc).

The use of black solids
Set up a “support black” when using black as a solid in a full color piece. This will make the black much blacker and richer than printing with only a 100% black ink (which appears more as a dark gray on a colored brochure). There are many different formulas for this but a good one that allows for a rich black without saturating the printed area is C=20, M=20, Y=20, and B=100. (Keep in mind, you will still use only a single color black (or spot color) on the text.) 

Digital printing
Depending on the quantity of the piece, digital printing can often save you time and money. It allows you to print a much smaller quantity without having to spread a standard set up cost over the cost of the job. It also allows you to “test” your product without having to commit to the printing of thousands of pieces. 

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