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Design - Cost of Services

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List pricing includes everything from concept to delivery of print-ready files.  This is an added service to provide our clients with the highest quality printed products. The client will maintain all rights.

Hourly rate:
• $60/hr - Projects consisting of both concept and production (brochures, books, magazines, ads, etc.)
• $45/hr - Editing and strictly production/layout work (any work that is just producing or editing an already established concept/design)
• Payment due every two weeks unless otherwise negotiated

Per project fee:
• Half of bid due upon start of any project and the rest upon completion (for projects such as logos, identity/stationery,
and brochure design)
• Third of bid due upon start of projects, a third upon final proof sign-off, and the remainder upon completion of project (for larger projects such as website, tradeshows, and book design)

Miscellaneous flat rates: (Includes revisions, meetings/phone appointments, etc)

• Full Color - $350
• B/W only - $200

Stationery (LH, ENV, BC):
• $350
• $200 (with a logo purchase) >

Brochures: (Based on a standard trifold 8.5 x 14; text and photography provided by client)
• Concept and production - $350 (photography is separate)

• Design template only (homepage, 2nd level, 3rd level and pop-up templates) - $1,700
• Design, programming/hosting: $3,500 - simple sites (sites that don’t require any backend development)
• Sites requiring backend development - *$3,500+ (* depending on the scope of the project, this will vary; Before any project is started, we will meet and determine your needs)

Product Photography: (Photoshoots of any client product that is featured in a brochure etc)
• Setup - $500 minimum
• Cost varys depending on scope of project.

General Photography: (Images to be used in brochures etc. as part of the design)
• $165 - We generally use to purchase photography for any design project; go to ( for specific pricing

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